Springtime Carnivore: Greta Morgan on tour in November, #PDX at Doug Fir Nov. 16

It took about ten years, but Greta Morgan finally likes music; her music, to be precise.

With Springtime Carnivore, Greta’s solo project, she decided to conduct a little experiment. What if she very quietly, very subtly just began releasing music almost anonymously? No tugging at the connections she’s made or the audience she’s cultivated, just putting music out without any fanfare or countdowns; just upload a video or song between meals on an idle Tuesday?

“I’ve always been fascinated by human connection, and how connections start. I’ve also seen something beautiful in people who send out transmissions into space. Those people who sit at home with their radios and attempt to reach out to the universe is something so beautiful to me. In a really small way, recording and releasing music on the internet has a similar idea: You’re putting this personal transmission out there and you’re waiting to see who it reaches. It’s like putting the letter in the bottle in the ocean. That anonymity let me explore music and do what I wanted without feeling like I owed anyone anything.”

Since she was a teenager, Greta has been playing to an audience. Letting that fall away, not reaching out to her past fans for this project, Greta got to have fun with music. It had felt a bit stagnant for her, something less organic in past bands and endeavors. This was an experiment for her from the beginning to the end. A chance for her to get into the right musical space for herself and her art.

“Even in recording, I was doing what I thought were demos, but it turned out I was recording the album. I’d be in the studio for five or six hours doing drums here, piano there, and think I didn’t really get anything. Then I’d come back the next day and be like, ‘wow, I like that. I think we got something.’”

This project, her newfound selfish joy in creating music takes nothing away from her past bandmates, her past experiences, but the personal ownership and creative freedom Springtime has given her has led to a fulfilling measure of success this last year.

“I feel like I’m on the right path and I’m enjoying those experiences. In this year alone, Springtime Carnivore has allowed me to go on a month-long tour in Europe, something I’ve always wanted to do. I got to open for the Zombies for a week on tour, one of my favorite bands ever and one of the all-time greats. I even co-wrote a song with John Sebastian from The Lovin Spoonful, who is again one of the greats and one of my favorite songwriters my whole life. I’m announcing an exciting tour for next year very soon. Artistically, every single day should bring something that excites you if you hope to move forward as an artist. It feels more like an experiment. It doesn’t feel like a band with high stakes and pressure. This is just a fun experiment.”

Springtime Carnivore’s self-titled debut is available now.

Springtime will also be out on the West Coast with Generationals this month, playing two shows at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge Sunday, Nov. 16. Morgan tells us the late show is sold out, so she added an early show, but check with the Fir here to be sure.

Wed. Nov. 12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour w/ Generationals
Thu. Nov. 13 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel w/ Generationals
Sat. Nov. 15 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile w/ Generationals
Sun. Nov. 16 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge w/ Generationals
Mon. Nov. 17 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret w/ Generationals

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