Interview: Priory On Tour Now, New Single ‘Call to Arms’

“I have a dollar sign tattooed over my plasma scars. I think they said I probably sold my plasma like 150-200 times.” -Kyle Sears

Destitute doesn’t really describe the place Kyle and Brandon found themselves in as they worked on they forthcoming album for years in Portland, OR. Long before Warner Bros Records put them in our ears and before they started running up the charts with ‘Weekend’ to the adulation of TIME, Esquire, NYLON, Neon Gold, and Billboard; they were just a couple of broke kids in a ramshackle studio with a dream.

“Kyle and I quit our jobs three years ago, we spent almost two years recording and working on this album. We built ourselves a recording studio and basically just locked ourselves away. We were in a vacuum for so long, we thought it was good, but we didn’t know what the response was going to be. So, it is so great to be getting such positive feedback.”

The album draws from some of the difficulties that come along with just being alive, let alone the hard road to where they are now. Personal sacrifice aside, the guys saw friends die of drug overdoses and close family battle cancer. What might have been perfect excuses to put the album aside became inspiration for it.

“With two of us, if one of us is feeling off or uninspired, the other can push and kinda take the reigns at times to just keep moving everyday. I think there really is just catharsis in getting this stuff off of your chest and just saying what everyone is thinking. We decided to be as honest as possible and not really concern ourselves with how it might sound or how it might be perceived at all. It feels good and to be on stage to sing them feels good, too.”

“Working on the record, Brandon’s dad had cancer, my mom had cancer. Just working on these different things was therapeutic. We could go in and work on stuff and get it out in our music rather than let it affect our daily lives.”

With the sudden fame that comes along with a hit single and the beginnings of a payoff for all the plasma letting and the sacrifice, you’d think maybe the stars would brighten in their eyes and get a little lost in the clouds, but Brandon and Kyle seem to be firmly rooted in reality.

“We are going to stay on the road as long as humanly possible. The goal is to just perpetuate this as long as we can. We still write on the road, now we bring our stuff with us, so we’re always working. The band we tour with, these are some of our best friends and we just want to get in front of as many people as possible and do our thing for as long as we can.”

Check out the official video for ‘Weekend’ below.


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