Infographic: Kidney Donation Shortfall

We ReallyNeedMoreKidneys

Imagine the pain of the excruciating wait. Deep down in places no one wants to talk about, there is a reality: Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, pray for the right person to die the right way with the perfect organ match to save their loved one. Can you even imagine waiting maybe 10 years, watching your friend, your family member, move closer to a deadline that looms over them just waiting with little comfort, little hope? It’s a morbid luck of the draw whether an organ can even get to the person who needs it most, just maybe the closest person geographically.

Everyday, thirty people die waiting for an organ that never arrives. Nationally, approx. 80% of the people waiting for an organ are waiting for a kidney: approx. 101,000 candidates. Every ten minutes a name is added to the waiting pool for an organ. These aren’t just numbers. They are people.

What will it take for us to start saving those more than 100,000 lives in limbo? We’re not waiting for research to catch up. This doesn’t need a 5k fundraiser or a bike ride along the California coast to get us closer to an answer. Amazingly, seventy-nine organ transplants happen every day in the US, but it’s not enough. How are we not exploring every avenue to close the gap between supply and need?

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