Poppycock Magazine: June 2014

Poppycock June/July 2014

It’s Rex Manning Day! Wait, that’s not right. Oh, yeah..it’s Magazine Day! The June/July issue is out today. Support indie, ad-free nonsense in Portland. Visit our FB page and every ‘share’ enters you to win exclusive project: poppycock merch, stuff you didn’t even know you wanted until just now.

Check out some of what we’ve got for you:

An in-depth story about Portland’s own Moniker

The story of Walnut Studiolo nearing its fifth anniversary

An afternoon with Matt Huntley of Bodypaint by Numbers

A look at the unique experience of Holdfast dining

An interview with Fluff and Gravy Records artist Anna Tivel

A look at Portland’s Secretwave music scene

The poetry of Aleg Naj and Franklin of Psychopomp Poetry Salon

A story about blues legend Ellen Whyte and her work in our public schools

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