How to Make a Magazine…The Poppycock Way.

Our second issue of Poppycock drops like so much goose shit in Tom McCall Park Sunday June 22, and in honor of the magazine we want to give to a sneak peek into the making of the magazine.

To be entirely transparent about the subject, we have no idea what we’re doing. I’m sure there is a more efficient way to do this whole “publishing a magazine” thing, but we’re going about this the only way we know. In the words of our own Will Vaughn, “Innovating with bloody knuckles.”

Throughout the process of redesigning and painstakingly trying to find what we are in blank spreads, there were some dead ends. I found myself tweaking again and again the same things with finer and finer attention to detail. The thing that frustrated me with design, just as I find with writing, is that there is no wrong way to do it. It is so subjective. Both disciplines, writing and design, start with that dreaded blank page and it is your job to fill it with something…you can fill it with literally anything; it’s terrifying.

I have zero design background. Outside of the blog posts on this site, I’d never laid out anything nor tried to create a brand. So, as you’ll see below, there were a lot of steps to create some of these pages. I hope the below gallery gives you a glimpse in to the steps in some of our articles and the process as I tried to deliver the best thing I can make. It might also be good to just get a laugh or two out of some outtakes. Enjoy, and spread the Poppycock word with a share or two if you’re feeling frisky.


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