5 Reasons to be Stoked for WTF

It’s the best time of year: festival season.

It kicked off with Coachella, then came Sasquatch, and for the lucky Portlanders there’s Musicfest NW.

But if you really want to escape, there’s a festival that might just top them all: What The Festival.

Here are Poppycock’s 5 reasons you must go to WTF?! 2014:

The underground music While they have a few big names coming through this year such as Glitch Mob, Washed Out and Emancipator Ensemble, there are many smaller names participating. This festival introduces and gives a chance to local musicians. So, if you’re an electronic music junkie searching for the next breakthrough names like us at Poppycock, GO.

The film festival Aside from the four stages set up, there’s also an international micro-film festival. After dancing all day, fest-goers can chill out and relax in the forest with their Decked Out Cinema and watch independent films all night.

The illuminated forest It’s a forest that’s set up for your mind’s imagination. Once you enter this forest, you’re pretty much on another planet. There’s a jump wall. There’s a web garden in the trees. There are various sculptures, lanterns, and “puzzles” hanging through the forest. Intriguing.

There’s belly dancing, breakdancing, burlesque, and Bob Marley yoga classes. Enough said.

It’s an excuse for a massive pool party. But seriously, there’s a massive pool.

So there you have it, the best summer kick-off ever. OK, so you want a little detail, a line-up, something other than this cursory list of cool crap? OK, fine. Check this poster out below and commence drooling.

2014 poster

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