One Bit at a Time (Teaser)

Julia Ramos was an alcoholic long before she admitted it. That’s how it goes though, right?

A stand-up comic on the mend taking it one day at a time, we tell her story in our first issue of Poppycock magazine. Click the link below to read more about this woman who has turned bars and late night hangouts into to places of business for honing her craft as an emerging voice with a mic and something to say. (Besides her undying love for The Cosby Show and Stevie Wonder. Don’t even get her started.)

Julia fidgets as she writes in her notebook. She bites her lip and taps her fingers on the page, cross-legged in a chair. Staring off in to nowhere, she scribbles ineligibly from back to front of the book, all entries dated, giving away some kind of cipher she hopes no one can decode if lost.

In the hours leading up to an open mic, jokes at the ready to be tested, the healthy tension can be excruciating, but the moments before she steps on stage after her oft mispronounced last name she is more confident than at any other point in the her day.

Julia tells jokes. When not working one of her many jobs, she’s up there trying material or jotting down ideas for riffs that lead to jokes, which lead to bits, which add up to sets. She’s back on the comedy circuit around Portland, and is even booking shows again.

Julia fell off of the circuit of open mics and local comedic fame because she wasn’t on the wagon. It wasn’t that she really wasn’t on it. She’d overslept and completely frickin’ missed that SOB. She was an alcoholic, but it took a lot for Julia to arrive at saying the words, as is often the case with rock bottom. Like Tyler says, “Hitting bottom isn’t a weekend retreat.”

For the rest of her story, check out Poppycock Magazine.

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