Nomad Piercing Studio Has a Long and Storied History

Blake Perlingieri is a legend in piercing. Known as the tribal guy, Blake almost single-handedly introduced large gauge ear piercing, ear projects, freehand, and organic jewelry.

Nomad Piercing Studio is tucked away on Division in Portland, and in this simple shop you can get the most impressive piercings from Blake himself.

Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry designed for microdermal implants or want a one-of-a-kind ear project (some of which need a casting of your ear to make and shape) Blake is able to do anything you can imagine and often times things people literally don’t believe are possible.

For his full story, check out Poppycock magazine.

[rev_slider nomad1]

One thing we simply could not fit in the massive story we did about Nomad and Blake was the fact that he’s a member of Portland’s Murderbait. Below is a video of a live performance at Alhambra here in town. The band is finishing up their second album soon.


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