Interview: Emancipator at The Crystal Ballroom

Emancipator played the Crystal Ballroom March 28th and he took time to chat with our staffer Grace Caton.


Poppycock: Let’s go back to when you were first making music. What sparked it? What got you going?

Emancipator: When I was four years old, I wanted to learn the violin. When I was 15, I started using production software and recording on four-track mixers onto tape players and eventually on to my computer. That’s when my passion started.

Poppycock: What did your family think of you pursuing music as your career?

Emancipator: Apprehensive at first. Instead of writing college essays all I wanted to keep doing was work on songs. I had to prove that it was a viable option, and now they’re happy that I’m happy.

I went to College of William & Mary in Virginia. I studied Psychology, but made beats most of the time. Multiple choice test? Alright! More time for beats.

For more, check out Poppycock magazine.

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