Poppycock Magazine is Here

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Poppycock is the fruition of a five-year old dream. I worked as an intern for years, and what I wanted to do was the kind of magazine that didn’t just use writers and photographers for their skill, but empowered them to do the kinds of stories they wanted to do. I think of this as the magazine of misfit journalists; the ones that didn’t want to just get assignments, but pitch and do the things they wanted to do that no one let them do.

Poppycock is my idea of what a collaborative and supportive magazine can be. Local people telling personal stories about the people that make their city unique. This isn’t an event calendar with ads or just a way to make advertising dollars; we have no ads, and never will. This is the kind of biographical magazine that doesn’t stop at the 5 W’s.

You won’t find any Cosmo quizzes or fluff articles here. These are stories about people. I hope you enjoy what you find here and look forward to reading more. The magazine design and layout my change, but our dedication to getting elbow deep in a story won’t.

The people who are publishing this magazine is us. We are not beholden to investors, advertisers, any creative directors or art directors, and we get to write the stories we want to write about you, our neighbors. Everyone has a story and we will continue to try and work our way around to all of them.

It’s 100% Portland. It’s 100% nonsense. It’s 100% independent. It’s Poppycock.


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