Seattle’s ODESZA Play Portland’s Holocene April 11

ODESZA may be only a couple years old, but they feel like a collaboration with some season and some grit in their teeth.

2012 found Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) collaborating after graduation from Western Washington University.

The perfect example of something that is greater than the sum of its parts, ODESZA has about 5 million streams on Soundcloud. Why people are still streaming on Soundcloud, I don’t know. Both of their albums can be downloaded absolutely free to anyone who wants them. “Sun Models,” a recent track released by the duo featuring Madelyn Grant, is over 3/4 million streams already and it’s barely a month old.

The duo has a flair for glitchy lyrics, recognizable and creative samples, and vibrating baselines. There is a dreamlike quality to some of their tracks; like wandering under a blue sky with no particular place to go. You can’t listen to Summer’s Gone and My Friends Never Die without bouncing along in your stride to sampled tracks remixed into something akin to a watercolor rendering of the world around you, or maybe a picture out of focus and disconcertingly saturated colors.

ANALOG FUTURE TOURODESZA is one of our Northwest highlights in the electronic scene along with Portland’s own Emancipator. The two acts even shared billing with Pretty Lights on his last tour and just blew the roof off of Memorial Coliseum.

ODESZA is set to release a new album this year. The pressure may be mounting for this one though. After an LP from a collaboration no one had heard of, making it a surprising hit of the year, and a smash EP that felt like the foot in the door no one can ignore, ODESZA has some pretty big shoes to fill: their own.

They’ve done their fair share of the festival circuit from Sasquatch to MFNW, but April 11th sees them coming through Portland at Holocene while on their first headlining tour in support of My Friends Never Die (a tour for which half the venues sold out), and if you need a little more convincing to drop what you’re doing and buy some luminescent accessories, check out the tracks below.

Not already going to the sold out show or can’t afford the oft ridiculous resale ticket market? Well, we’ll have a full review and photos from the show forthcoming. In the meantime, get this free music inside you right meow.


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