Temples Play Portland’s Star Theater Thursday April 10th

Since the Beatles led the British Invasion on American soil we’ve been powerless to stem the tide of UK tunes occupying our airwaves and seducing our women.

Our newest threat is Temples.

You know the story. A couple of guys get together and record a track that they throw up on the internet and it blows up. James Bagshaw and Tom Warmsley out of Kettering made “Shelter Song” before there even was a Temples. They scrambled and found drummer Sam Toms and keyboard player Adam Smith to round out the foursome.

Their post-psychedelic, futurist sound has garnered them praise from music greats. Names like Johnny Marr, Robert Wyatt, Suede (who invited them on tour), and Noel Gallagher count themselves amongst their fans. The boys have even shared billing with The Rolling Stones in London’s legendary Hyde Park.

Temples_AlbumArtTheir 2014 release of Sun Structures is a diverse album of influences. The 60’s psychedelic is the clearest above all, but the influences of classic Motown and even Krautrock can be heard.

From lilting lyrics and chugging baselines that give way to harpsichord-like strings, songs flow along with perfect clap-along moments and tempos change from song to song.

You’d think that a new band with a new album and the kind of pedigree of fans they have would find themselves nervous or pressured in some way on the content of that new album.

“Not really,” says James. “I’m quite confident about it – there’s not going to be any filler and no track’s going to sound similar to the next.”

“I’m looking forward to people hearing some of the songs we’ve not played live,” says Tom. “Move With The Season is covered in 12-string but with this almost ’90s-like looped beat in the background going on, and three-part harmonies on a huge scale.”

Listening to the album takes me back to drug-addled scenes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Psychedelic-inspired albums always do that. I can see Hunter and his attorney walking through a hotel lobby, ordering grapefruit in a haze of a myriad of drugs, or bombing down a desert highway in a cherry red convertible.

Their show at the Star Theater Thursday is a show you just have to see. In fact, we are gonna see it. Keep on the lookout for photos and a review from us after the show.

As your attorney, I advise you to watch all of these videos and then buy their album and then see them live. Don’t deviate from the plan. We also need Acapulco shirts.


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