Romnesia or Obamendaciousness

Or: Eh, whatever. Just make the campaigning stop!

On the eve of election night, there are a few truths that have and will prove out by end of day Tuesday. After what is almost two years of campaigning and about 1 billion spent, and debates ranging from the hilarious spectacle to the absolutely benign, we FINALLY get to choose and hopefully see a nice, clean end to the bullshit and posturing.

I know why Obama ran, he’s supposed to as the incumbent, and few are the men that didn’t want the job again, and even fewer are the men who didn’t win it. Despite our ability to change horses every four years, it seems our national complacency forces us to accept what we know and shun what we don’t. Incumbents win more often than not. It’s hard to sell the idea of leadership and a challenger for a seat when the incumbent can always drop the, “Look what I’ve done for you lately” card.

I don’t really know why Mitt Romney wanted the office of POTUS. Maybe he really wants to make a difference in this country, but I certainly question his motives as well as the flip-flopping and pandering he has done. Romney seems to just think whatever the people want him to think. What do the American people want? More importantly, what do they want to hear? Then that’s Romney’s position, and it always has been from the start. He might have said something else, voted a different way, made a statement to the contrary, but forget all that and know that deep down he was always whatever way you wanted him to be. You know, a puppet with “romnesia” (what a word).

As you cast your vote and we watch the counts, tabulations, and networks do battle in the game of chicken that is calling a winner before all the votes are in, you are going to quickly realize that your vote did not matter. Your state was a foregone conclusion, and apparently the only people deciding the outcome of this thing are in swing-states like Wisconsin, Florida, and this year’s Florida: Ohio. Yep, thanks to the criminal system of the electoral college, the same system that brought us the beauty of the first W administration, as go these three states, so goes the nation. Thanks, you fucked up system the skews the value of my vote and declares electoral votes the determine a winner, now I remember why I resented politics in the first place.

Whether your candidate wins or loses, it doesn’t matter. We are all going to be disappointed. It was fascinating to see the child-like innocence and naïvety that came with Obama’s win in 2008. We all seemed to forget the backroom deals, the empty campaign promises, the same guy different suit way of politics, and we thought that this one man was going to usher in some sort of concrete utopia. Equality, balanced budget, no war, new peace, growth, education improving, and all the other pie in the sky dreams that call pipes home.

This year feels different. This doesn’t feel like a clear choice or such a passionate election. I don’t hear trumpets blaring or the proletariat ready to bring about change we can believe in, or hope, or moving forward. I think everyone just wants to move on. It’s like Obama supporters are begrudging NOT voting for Romney as much as they are throwing their weight behind Obama. “I’m a democrat, and the alternative is a lot worse. I’m voting Obama. Eh.” Shrug implied. Romney supporters, if you can call them that, are saying he’s not ideal, but he’s the best we’ve got. A mormon with a passion for dressage? Yeah, no trumpets sounding in that camp either. Republicans are voting with a grumble and crossed fingers.

Boy, I’m glad we all seem so fucking overjoyed to be exercising our right to vote, one of the three or four great things that make this country (sort of) great (one, of them is NOT horse dancing). We’re all tired of the ads and mailboxes stuffed with archaic forms of propaganda. We’re sick of attack ads and have clearly had our fill of hearing from candidates about anything. We get it, you both want to be president. We’ve turned Sandy political, Ohio is where our country’s future hangs in the balance, and if I’ve heard correctly then no matter how I vote it’s all for not since the world is gonna end before I get to deck the halls and pick a fight with my cousin after one too many nogs. Looks like this country is ready to elect someone just to get this shit over with, and you know democracy is working at its best when you can’t wait to not be a part of the process. God forbid we need a recount. My brain can’t take that shit. Enjoy your voting tomorrow. I’m sure it will all turn out terrible.


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