CMT Loves Rednecks, Y’all

Music television used to just be about the music. When I was a kid VH1, MTV, and CMT just played music and music-related programming on the air. Now you’ve got to be up at 6am to watch an hour of videos if you want to see a dying genre of production. Sure, there is the top 10 countdowns, but none of that is in primetime; it’s running against daytime talk shows and soaps.

I can’t stand much of the programming on the so-called music networks, but I have to say that CMT is the worst offender in it’s programming line-up. Is it enough that it’s reality television? No, apparently it needs to be racist, too.

I can’t spell her name right, but damned if I’m not pulling off this badass hat.

Enter: Rednecks.

They seem to be all the rage now, especially on CMT. Shows like Bayou Billionaires, My Redneck Vacation, and Redneck Island are leading the CMT drive against having to play a ratings loser like music videos. To add to the identity crisis that CMT is enduring is the regular screening of films that belt buckling wearing, ten-gallon hat loving, urban cowboy wannabes might love. OK, your audience is responding to  back-water inbreds surviving on an island, fine, but you think that same fan base is catered to appropriately when you screen a film like A Few Good Men not an hour later? Who’s on your marketing staff, Elmer Fudd?

A little SAT association: BET is to black people what CMT is to _______. The answer is: White people. It’s the cracker network. It’s the home of the honky. It’s where whitey gets his news (that and FOX News).

CMT putting out programming glorifying rednecks would be like if BET green-lighted shows titled Niggas be Trippin’ or Niggas Survivin’ on an Island and Shit.

CMT, you’ve got to get your act together. This is racist stuff. I’m not offended, but if there is a single minority on the staff of these shows then I might be a little pissed. Redneck is our word for each other. You can’t say that, Jose.

As much as I would love to put all rednecks on an island and watch them form a government where elections are decided by bull riding, everyone drives a stock car, and the currency is beef jerky (they tried that once, it was called the Republic of Texas), it doesn’t make for very good programming. If it was good television, I might be inclined to show some compassion, but it’s bad TV, too.

I guess you know your demographic better than I do, but you need to go for the gusto and add programs like Moonshinin’ with Leonard and Double-wide Dynasties. Start screening films like Deliverance and The Deer Hunter. Those are your options, because I know you’re sure as hell not going to play more music, Country Music Television, or drop the pretenses and change CMT to Cracker Made TV. There’s no diversity on your channel, so why not just embrace your race. What? BET did it, ya hear now.

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