Propaganda: Lovingly Written on a 3X5 Card

My girlfriend brought this home yesterday. She found it tucked in her windshield wiper. It’s a handwritten 3×5 card saying…a lot.

As you read through it you get the sense that the writer is a little unclear about the message they are trying to convey.

If you’re going to try to spread propaganda, writer of this, then I have just a few pointers.

A little production value goes a long way. You know you just need a computer and a printer. If not, all you need is a little trip to Kinko’s to really punch up visual capital your fear mongering. A few font changes, a couple of photos and maybe some well placed underlined words. Just give me a little flyer with some nice collage work and now you’ve got my attention. Presentation is everything. I am not gonna listen to you if your medium is the same thing my mother’s lasagna recipe is written on.

Stay on topic. What am I supposed to take from this? Is Obama a terrorist? Then stick with that. If I’m supposed to think Obama is a drunk and drug addict, then stick with that. If the message is about the Muslim Brotherhood, then just go with that. You’re all over the place with this, and I have no idea what you’re trying to scare me in to believing.

Gimme some links! Let’s say you got me. Let’s say you scared me and changed my mind on these myriad points. If this is all new to me, then you’ve got to give me some links, sites, or something to continue my research. Where’s your website, Twitter, or Facebook group? If you’re not giving me anything beyond a few vaguely related “facts,” all I think is that you’re one crazy person with some free time. A website is the least you can do, if not an email address I can send questions to for more propaganda. Man, I wish I had an email address or website on which to riff further.

Don’t plug Obama’s book. From this card I gather that you don’t support the president. Then why are you telling me, a person you’re trying to convince of this point, to read his book? I am I supposed to go out and buy his book, and then not support him? Readers of his book that paints him in a fond light will support him more than hate him. Seriously, it’s his book…he probably comes off pretty well in the book. Suggest a different book, one that vilifies him. Maybe there’s one out the titled, Delusions of My Father: The True Story of a Terrorist President. If there isn’t one, then write it and plug that! Take the time writing each of these cards and write a book and you’ll probably convince people of your points more efficiently.

Overall, it feels rushed, cheap, and like the ramblings of one person. Even if that is all this card is, then take it to the next level and get yourself a blog. If you’re passionate enough to handwrite what must be at least a hundred of these things, then you’ve got the energy to expound upon these small facts with blog posts, links to your resource material, and groups where an interested reader can get involved in their own brand of propaganda. If you’re gonna go as far as to put this kind of thing under someone’s windshield wiper in a business park, then you’d better back it up and give it some production value to really get people’s attention…in the right way. I hope you, writer of this, sees this post and sends me a message. I can only pray to Allah you’re out there.


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