Biden is a Goofball, Not an Idiot

Question: Do you believe that Vice President Biden’s statements on gay marriage rights were yet another in a long line of gaffes by the VP, or a clever ploy in the campaign for reelection?

VP Biden on NBC’s Meet The Press

On Sunday Vice President Biden revealed that he saw no difference between homosexual and heterosexual marriage during a visit to NBC’s Meet The Press. President Obama quickly followed suit saying he supported gay marriage. It has since come out that Biden’s comments were not some clever set up for the administration leveling the gay marriage issue in the upcoming general election battle with GOP nominee-in-waiting, Mitt Romney; but a mistake on Biden’s part revealing a future stance the administration planned on taking later in the general election.

White House officials said that Biden’s slip up has brought the issue to light prematurely, forcing the administration to address the issue under the glaring light of public opinion.

The administration is proffering that Crazy Joe let this one slip in the interview, right before he went on to praise the former hit TV show, still in syndication, Will & Grace, for everything it did to open the dialogue and to normalize the lifestyle and acceptability of homosexuals in the mainstream eye. The praise of a primetime TV show’s social efforts helps the administration’s case, but that is just Biden ad libbing from the script he was given. The questions in interviews are known before hand and statements are prepared. There are no curveballs on Meet The Press. The oversight or preparation is surgery, not freeform, interpretive dance.

I have a hard time thinking that Joe Biden is such a gaff factory that he let something like the proposed time of releasing the hounds of gay marriage war slip his mind. This is another in an upcoming line of social issue trumpets that will be sounded as the president ramps up his reelection campaign.

By saying Joe forced their hand, White House officials are admitting that there was a particular time and place where they planned on playing the gay marriage card. There is no reason to think that Obama and his team don’t have a very particular plan in place for reelection, and to think Joe isn’t on board with that plan is to give the guy too little credit.

The Obama administration has been on the campaign trail for a while, and I think they are trying to rouse the populace troops as they bank wins wherever they can get them. Signing a plan for peace with Hamid Karzai helped, but before that they ran an apparently contentious ad hinting that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have found and killed Osama Bin Laden since he is quoted as saying that spending all this time and money to “scour the Earth” for one man was pointless. Now letting slip the comments on gay marriage only galvanize a voting base that is near impossible to get as a Republican, especially behind the likes of Mitt Romney.

Obama is setting the stage for what he will campaign on. He will be the man fighting for the will of the greater good, for middle America, while Romney is the candidate of the 1% (God, I hate using that term). Obama will tout steady job growth and an unemployment rate of 8.1%, a rate that was nearly 10% approx. two years ago. He will campaign on killing Osama, social equality, and new jobs and independence from foreign oil through green jobs and energies. Romney will dispute all of these things and drudge up specific items and issues while skirting social equality, universal healthcare, and beating the drum of his professional success translating to being able to fix our global economy. It’s a tale as old as time.

The Obama administration, just as with all that came before it, is clever, cunning, and not as stupid as the voting public thinks that they are. You gotta give credit to the people who got to where they are, and to say that they are idiots admits that you elected stupid people. To assume that Biden made his statements out of turn, without a grand design, is to underestimate the minds cranking the cogs of politics. The Obama reelection team has a plan in place, and more than a few Biden contingencies, if the Meet The Press gaff spoiler wasn’t in the plans already. Obama championed change in 2008, he wants more of the same in 2012, and he’s doing it with sheet music and the world’s finest political orchestra…and crazy Joe Biden’s comments were just a key change in the tune.

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