Who’s Ready to Play America’s Favorite Gameshow!?

Gameshows we are bound to see soon

So you think you’re a magician.”

On ABC, Hosted by David Blain, Penn jillette, and David Copperfield.

Aspiring magicians compete for the prize of one hundred thousand dollars and a six-week billing in Las Vegas. From cutting people in half to pulling rabbits out of hats, contestants are put to the test with classic tricks. In elimination rounds, contestants are tasked with a single word, and must come up with their best trick to fulfill the word. “The word for this challenge is: Steal.” So the contestant needs to find a person on the street and try to pull off the best theft. Whether it is a watch, wallet, money clip, contestants are judged on their skill.

America’s Next Top Stuntman.”

On FX, hosted by Joe Rogan

Contestants compete for fifty thousand dollars, a top-tier insurance policy for one year, and a contract with WB studios. From falls, car jumps, leaping through glass, jumping buildings, they are eliminated one by one week to week based on performance and realism.

Mortgaged to the Hilt.”

On NBC, Hosted by Suze Orman

3 contestants are surprised and whisked off to a mobile studio where they suddenly find themselves competing to win a chance to pay off their mortgage. In a lightning round question, the final contestant can take APR off their mortgage with correct answers in 90 seconds. Throughout the show, contestants win money starting at 1,000 dollars and then in 5,000 dollar increments. The ultimate winner wins money off their mortgage, a lower APR, and an all expenses paid vacation as well as a personal financial advisor to help get their money in order.

Lights, Camera, Action.”

On TCM, hosted by a panel consisting of Richard Roeper, A WB studio executive and special guest directors.

Contestants are aspiring directors and are tasked with making short films each week. They have tasks of single-day shoots, film noir shorts, grindhouse, blaxploitation, silent film, etc. The winning director gets to direct a secured and purchased script of their choosing at WB studios and $100,000. A lot like project: Green Light, but less pretentious, and more game show/reality show oriented.

Paintball America.”

On Versus, Hosted by Bill Dwyer

America’s top paintball teams compete each week in competitions in bracket format, leading to the ultimate team. They are teams of four, and teams live in one giant house together between competition. In speed competitions, before a match, teams go through tasks like quick draw or obstacle courses, to earn prizes like bonus paintballs, gun upgrades, or even a fifth guest paintballer able to communicate enemy positions during a match. Winning team gets a paintball set worth $50,000, all expense paid trip to a paintball championship, and new Ford F-150s.


One thought on “Who’s Ready to Play America’s Favorite Gameshow!?

  1. I love magic and I love reality TV, but I have a bad feeling I will not like them together. Something weird about the reality behind a art form based on suspension of reality.

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