Wait, What?

Five Things I Never Want to Hear Before I’m Knocked Unconscious

“Wait a minute, man. Let me get the video camera. You know you’re gonna want to throw this trick up on YouTube. OK, go, go, go!”

“All right, you get his pants off and I’ll get the handcuffs. Wait, is he still awake? Get more Chloroform, dammit!”

“Look, I’ve tested the prototype on like 20 melons. You’re not gonna feel a thing. Just put it on and I’ll take a swing at ya. No big deal. Ready?”

“Yeah, man. I flipped all the breakers. You’re fine. Here, now just grab those wires…”

“I know you’ve been fucking my girlfriend, Steve. Not again, Steve. (Crack!) Shit, you’re not Steve.” (Crack!)

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