Apps I Can’t Wait to See Made

Friday’s 5 Things: Apps I can’t wait to see made

Angry Congressmen

A game where the heads of state are launched at Washington D.C. Monuments. Points are awarded for destruction bonuses of the classic symbols of American Freedom and Democracy. Looking for a bonus in each level? Well, if you can eliminate Constitutional amendments and inalienable rights of American citizens throughout the various levels, you can reach the top of the app-generated leaderboards. Choose your favorite Congressman, or download classic congressmen of the past, like the ever-popular Strom Thurmond! Angry Congressmen: Don’t let our legislators have all the fun, do some damage in D.C. all by yourself!

Mobile Karaoke

We all loooooove bad karaoke (as if there is any other kind), and with this app, you’ll be able to sing in to your phone on the go to whatever song you might hear playing on the radio and sing along with the lyrics generator. Now the butchering of Rocketman is only an app away. Comes with hundreds of preloaded songs to torture your friends and neighbors with at your Denny’s at 1am.

Does This Look infected?

We all love to share photos of absolutely everything, so now you can take instamatic photos of your wounds and post them on this grossly awesome app. Upload your own potentially infected injuries or feel free to vote “infected” or “not” on the thousands of user-generated photos.  Does This Look infected? also generates leaderboards for the wounds voted most infected. See if you can win the top spot!

The Quote Machine

Have you ever wanted just the right movie reference for any particular situation? Have you been stumped by which all-time great film quote would be best at this exact moment? Don’t get stumped. With quote machine you can search through a catalog of thousands of classic quotes from movies ranging from Patton to Scary Movie 2 for just the right quote. Just type in keywords for the situation you’re in, and Quote Machine will spit out the best option for you. Quote Machine also syncs to Facebook for immediate posting as you status to be shared with everyone who wasn’t there, though they needed to be for it to be funny. Quote Machine, for when you just can’t remember exactly what they said, and can’t think of anything yourself.

Guantanamo Yay!

Why let the government have all the fun when you could torture a suspected terrorist for information when you want? With Guantanamo Yay! You’ll be able to go through as many as 20 levels with increasingly resistant (or innocent) detainees. Use more than 20 means to get the information you want. Waterboarding, nude pyramid building, genital electrocution, and the classic sleep deprivation, are just to name a few. Watch as you detainee realistically become emaciated, bruised, cries, and wishes for death. Use tactics simultaneously for extra points. Tip: Waterboarding works best after 90 sleepless hours. With so many detainees to “question,” what are you waiting for? Guantanamo Yay! Mobile: When taking “I don’t know” for an answer is just not an option.


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