Peep World review

With this holiday season coming to a close soon, you might be thinking about your family. Having suffered through thinly veiled interrogations and dodging not so veiled requests for grandchildren from a mother with sheets billowing in the wind, you look back on this time as another in a long series of uncomfortable events.

In preparation for the holidays I am sure you had a conversation or two with the new girlfriend, or any first-timer that was attending your family get-together. In preparing your girlfriend you might have had to explain that everyone resents Uncle Dave because he still has never paid back the eight-thousand he borrowed from your dad. You might explain that Lisa is barren and resents the cousins and nieces and nephews who can bring children to grandma’s house; she really hates Kim who didn’t even want a child, but got knocked up by God knows who…Lord knows she doesn’t.

You had to explain why there is tension in the room, what led to the shame of cousin Mike’s jail stint in ’96, and why Auntie Rennae drinks like she does. You dropped bombs on your girl of who’s in a loveless marriage, who hates who, and where all the bodies are buried and which closet is jammed full of bones that would cascade in to the hallway like a slap-stick comedy cliché.

It’s a tawdry mass of webs we weave. It can’t be helped. Life is messy, people are fallible, and man judges; it’s just our nature. But what if your brother sat down and put all the mess to paper with such a fine pen. What if every person became a character, every mess a chapter, every word a part of the script? What if the closet was opened, the bodies were exhumed, and all the laundry was hung out to dry in the unforgiving light of day? What if it became a national best-selling novel? And everyone in the country knew everything about everyone…according to Stephen?

Well, now you have the plot to our FTMU for December 28th. Netflix describes Peep World as:

“When four siblings gather to celebrate their father’s 70th birthday, the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan because one of them has penned a novel populated by characters who strongly resemble his nearest and dearest. How will this dysfunctional family keep it together after everyone has seemingly been hung out to dry? Barry W. Blaustein’s ensemble-cast comedy stars Rainn Wilson, Ron Rifkin, Michael C. Hall and Sarah Silverman.”

This film has our Poppyc**k Seal of Approval. Obscure, full of talent, and a script that is hilarious. Look it up.


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