What!? I Said, “With All Due Respect!”: Set for Release December Sixth

Hear ye! Hear ye! To all who can hear me! By royal decree, you are invited to partake in the unanticipated return via a complete lack of popular demand of author Wesley S. Bauman. On December sixth, in the year of our Lord, two-thousand and eleven, there will be the release of the second book in an as yet to be determined series of writs by the aforementioned author. The book, What!? I Said, “With All Due Respect!” will be released on the interwebs for purchase! All who can attend, should attend if they are able bodied and sound of mind!

Okay, I’ve been playing a little too much Skyrim. Nonetheless, this is the post counting down the one week you have until I release my second book. This second book is a great leap forward from my first. This is full of a lot of fun, new content while still pulling together the best articles I’ve written over the last year since I released my first book.

What!? I Said, “With All Due Respect!” is a feisty little piece of literature taking on a myriad of topics while still trying to keep my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. There are a lot of fun little nuggets starting at the very first page and ending with a sneak peek in to my next book, Server Manifesto.

The book will be released on Tuesday afternoon, December 6th. It will be available on Amazon.com. Yeah, I know, anyone can get on Amazon, and thank God for it, because I would be selling these out of the trunk of my car like mix tapes if it weren’t for the internet.

What is really exciting about the initial release of the second book will be what we’re doing with the money for it. During the month of December, all profits from the book will go to charity. I will be choosing a cause from DonorsChoose.org, to which I will give every dollar in profit I make on the book between December 6th through December 31st. So, for 25 days you will have the opportunity to donate to charity while getting an “interesting” book in return; think PBS business model without the Muppets.

I urge everyone to buy as many copies as you can so that Poppyc**k Cares, our little name for our philanthropic adventures, can make as much of an impact in the lives of children who need books, supplies, equipment, or anything else in the classrooms of today. Poppyc**k Cares picks a charitable endeavor and slaps our seal of approval on any charity or cause we can highlight that is working toward literacy in the classroom today. It may one day be its own charity, but for now we just hitch our wagon to any horse we think is worth attaching our name to; it doesn’t mean much, but it’s something.

Next Tuesday there will be another post here on the blog with a video further outlining what you can find in the book, what causes we have our eye on, and a plea for you to spread this thing around like Herpes Simplex II on a Caribbean Cruise for the elderly.

So let people know, stuff stocking with my book, and do it all for a good cause in this time of giving. What!? I Said, “With All Due Respect!” will be $14.95 per book and I ask you to buy more than one. Approximately $10 will be going to charity for every book you buy. Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned next Tuesday for the not-so-big release of the little book the could. Laters.

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