Thirsty Thursday: Lagers According to Joel

We here at Project: Poppyc**k would like to introduce a new voice in the Poppyc**cus, Joel Pearson. We value differing opinions and are always on the lookout for new voices, and new ideas. Joel and I, Wesley Bauman, go back many years and with that in mind I reached out to him for some real beer expertise. From the beard and the overall physique you’ll be able to tell that he is a NW beer connoisseur with a depth of knowledge that makes my own persnickety tastes look like total triple-A ball while he just won an NL MVP. Joel is an avid home brewer, hobby photographer, and sports nut (including actually playing ice hockey, since he’s got some Canadian in him. Don’t hold it against him).

In this week’s Thirsty Thursday video Joel drops some serious knowledge about Lagers on your face. With the time of season where you are going to be seeing a lot of seasonal Oktoberfests on the shelves, he wants to allay any ideas that Lagers have any less to offer than Ales. As most people lump a style of beer in with it’s greatest marketer, Budweiser, Joel would like you to know that despite the fact that most crap beer is a Lager, not all Lagers are crap beer. He is going to mention a dizzying variety of brews of the Lager variety from Bocks to Pilsners, and Oktoberfests to Dopplebocks. Lagers can be a clear and crisp beer, but it is not necessarily the yellow beer with all the carbonation that makes you wonder if it’s bad soda or maybe a problem with the water in your grandma’s old house.

Listen carefully and take notes. I know I learned quite a bit about beer from this video as I looked it over and watched as Joel squirmed a bit with his first time on camera here at Project: Poppyc**k. (I will admit, I took a bit of pleasure from that. Not so easy talking in to a camera is it, Joel!? haha, just kidding) I want to thank Joel for his willingness to take on this week’s beer blog entry on the site and I hope to hear from him even more as time goes on here at Poppyc**k. He is also one of our most active participants in discussions and comments often on links or videos we post, so we thank him for his regular patronage and now his ascent from the level of not only participant, but now “contributor.”

This video doesn’t exist

Thanks, Joel. Despite your Canadian handicap, we look forward to more of your beer thoughts in the near future. Prost, my friend!


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