Thirsty Thursday: The Boycott “Big Beer” Rant

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This week in our beer bloggery (yeah, that’s a word I just made up) we are talking “big beer.” Inspired by the film I suggest in the video, beer wars, I have decided to lay down the ground rules and the foundation that we beer lovers on this site seem to stand for. We like craft beers made with love, passion, and a lot of heart; we like brewers that make beer that taste like a woman you’d try and get in bed with. We address issues in the injustice of the three-tier system, and the ugly thing that is A-Binbev. We take a look at the body of beers the A-B inbev owns and propose the idea that if you are anti-big business, then you should be anti-big beer, but most people don’t think of beer in this fashion. Nor do most people understand the multi-national corporation they are supporting and how it affects your ability to get great beer off the supermarket shelves.

We think that great beer comes in small batches and is a risky re-imagining of a classic brew, or pays homage to a┬áperennial while still pushing the envelope. We love beer that makes you shake your head and say, “wow!” We want you to think of beer in these terms, something to be enjoyed and savored, never to be pounded past the palate simply for the desired effects of getting drunk. Take a pint in your hand and smell it, taste it, and always finish it. You might need to cultivate a taste for good beer, I know I did, but to begin the process of appreciating craftsmanship you’ve gotta get away from the ikea’s of the brewing world and start enjoying the more ornate creations crafted by hand that populates the cathedral that “small beer” built.


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