This isn’t a proper introduction of myself as a believer/participant in what goes on here at Project Poppyc**ck, but I do think it showcases my self deprecating humor, my outlook on love and life, as well as my untrained, unashamed, yet somehow charming writing style. So here goes – I’m Will, and this is a little something I wrote.


(or…Sorry I drunk humped you)

We got something going on,

Oooh baby we got something going on.

I think maybe I know right from wrong.

Hell knows for sure, and I’m so gone.

Sparks electricity, and lips weren’t made to speak.

Neither was your tongue, playin hide and seek.

Ooooh baby you have me playing your games I think.

And now you got me so spun, so spun – So. Spun.

Yeah I’m spinnin, and I’m in deep.

I got so many things to give to you.

All those little things you need.

Yeah you’re spinnin, and I’m in deep.

Lets take a walk, we know where to go

I’ll let you lead, find your way home.

You act like you don’t, but you already know.

You ask “we are aren’t we?” and I say “Yeah, I think so.”

Your beds a mess you dirty thing – do your chores.

Luckily I’m already a mess. bye bye clothes, say hello to floor.

I have a plan and a half to set you off, and  maybe more.

Dammit, I’m pretty sure I jus ran into a door.

Yeah I’m spinnin and I’m in deep

I’ve got so many things to give to you

All those little things you want from me

Yeah keep spinnin baby, I’m in deep.

Slap that ass and pull that hair,

I know just what you want and wanted to take it there.

My best laid plans, get laid to waste thanks to Belvedere.

Oh well I’m gettin fucked so I don’t care.

She didn’t plan on all this work back when I met her.

A few drinks past for her. And well…I love liquor.

Into it for a bit she’s tryin to warm me up, thinking I’ll get better.

20 minutes later and we’re both like “oh fuckin forget it.”

Yeah I’m spinnninn and I’m in deep

I had a solid plan, but way too much to drink

All those dirty sexy things you need

Baby you can keep spinnin – but I can’t feel a thing.

That’s not the end, no we’re not quitters.

She laid down, so drunk and slurred out a whisper.

Told me if I wanted to try again I had permission to hit her.

After that train wreck? Damn, girl’s a real go getter.

So I laid there a bit and gave it some thought.

Shook her awake and got on top.

Sexy little thing, I’ve never seen anything so hot.

She really deservers better, but hey, I got off.


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