All Saints Parish: The Pentacost

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Here at Poppyc**k, we pride ourselves on covering a wide array of topics. Our mission, more than anything, is to give people a peek into the things they otherwise might not be exposed. We want to openly discuss and tackle bigger issues. It has always baffled the staff here how the ideas that cry out for debate and conversation the most, seem to be those that are thought to be tragically taboo. No one wants to talk about abortion, immigration, racism, terrorism, politics, religion, or just about anything that ruffles feather and rattles cages.

If you want to stay friends with anyone, the school of thought has always been to avoid these topics. Well, we say “fuck that.” Our staff is entirely single, no girlfriends to speak of, and there is a clear reason for that: we like to talk about these things. On a first date, we have been known to bring up everything that you should avoid. Family troubles, politics, religion, our borderline alcoholism, and our fetish for semicolons. None of us has ever been any good at playing the game when it comes to social situations, and the chances of us learning how to play are approximately slim to none. I guess that’s why we do this.

That being said, this video is about Craig Chapman, Priest at All Saints Parish in Ventura, Calif. Nothing might stick out about this church at first glance, but if you take the time to look around and notice some of the decor, you might come across the rainbow flag synonymous with the gay community and any “fabulous” parade you have ever seen. ASP is the only openly-supportive LGBT church in Ventura County. It’s not “gay church.” They’re not gaying up the bible or only reading the passages that justify their lifestyle, nor are they plotting and furthering their gay agenda; that’s on Thursday night bible study. No, these are God’s children worshipping and praising the Lord, almost as if they’re just people…that’s crazy, right? I know, it’s as if they are just like you and I in the eyes of the Lord and give Him all the glory.

This was the celebration of the Pentacost, the birth of the church. They sang “Happy Birthday,” but since it is copyrighted material (it took two people to write that song), we didn’t want to pay the fine, but trust us, they sang it to the church. You don’t have to be gay to attend the church, nor do you have to be straight to love God; they prove that here. By all accounts, this could be a church in anytown, USA, if you’re going on the sermon and the scripture…and that was kind of the point of this whole video. Their sexual orientation is a non-issue in the eyes of the Lord. It is just who they are and they praise God, thanking Him for all His blessings. Everything else is just poppyc**k.


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