Homosexuals are losing us the war; Baptists are sodomizing free speech

or: Fuck you Westboro, God loves gays, who do you think told him streets of gold would be “fierce”

On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church, yes, THAT Westboro Baptist Church, in a free speech case regarding the rights of protesting at military funerals. The case came before the courts specifically on the funeral of Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder, who died in Iraq. His father sued, but was ruled against in the case, the judges citing the first amendment as protecting the right of the protestors, and any protestors for that matter, at the funeral. It might have gotten lost in all this focus on the middle east, but I think the case deserves a second look and a moment of your time. This is a case of free speech; ugly, hurtful, inappropriate free speech, but free speech nonetheless. In our country we love our freedoms and have killed and died for them, but as Uncle Ben told Peter, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Should a group be allowed to protest at a funeral? Should we be allowed to exercise our rights, even when it seems the most inappropriate time to do so? We may respect the dead, but should a church be allowed to publicize it’s anti-gay agenda at the time of mourning for the deceased?

The Westboro Baptist Church is no stranger to national controversy, or the spotlight for that matter. This is the very same church that planned to protest the funeral of little 9-year old Christine Taylor Green, the bystander victim at the Tucson Massacre. Yes, this fucking bunch of Baptist radicals was going to travel to protest the funeral of an innocent, prepubescent girl who was slain in a random act of violence; a girl not associated with any great cause but maybe to pick out the best pair of tights for her outfit to fourth grade the following day. This group of seemingly extremist Christians has been publicly vocal in their feeling on the gays, “fags” they like to call them, and against secularist agendas as well as any other cause they feel is eroding God’s protective shell over America.

On Wednesday they officially won the right to be total, pious jagoffs until the end of days. With their signs condemning homosexuality, some saying “God hates fags,” they are now officially allowed to protest any damn place they feel like, including the venerated funeral. That’s right folks, these soldiers of God can now protest a funeral, any damn funeral they want. With the precedent set by this ruling of the highest court in the land, they can come to the funeral of your gay son or daughter and protest with the message that God hated your child and (s)he got what they deserved and are rotting in hell for eternity. Some very poignant “love thy neighbor” rhetoric from the right once again.

Is this right? Shouldn’t we protect certain aspects of life, most certainly death, from being politicized and used to further an agenda? Should at least SOMETHING be sacred in this tumultuous times? I am all for free speech. I am the guy that described Republicans jerking off in the streets covered in goat’s blood. I am the guy that throws around the word “rape” like a cheap party favor. I love my free speech and love a good phrase coined around the idea of a dead Taiwanese hooker (why taiwanese? I don’t know, it just sounds funnier). But with the ability to say these things I take great care in addressing certain issues. I know the time and the place, the subject and the line not to be crossed. I am one to attack the jihadist reaction to the Fort Hood Incident, and I am one to make light of the Tucson Massacre being referred to as a “massacre,” but I am not one to make light of the actual death or to at least pay respect for those that sacrificed themselves in the defense of the very liberties that groups like this Baptist church prostitutes for their own gain. (see, “prostitute,” love that word)…

I for one am ecstatic at the prospect of being allowed to protest at a funeral. Despite the complete lack of decorum, respect for the dead, or responsible use of an inalienable right, I am going to use this new found precedent of free speech protection to picket funerals in accordance with my beliefs. I can’t wait to protest McDonald’s at the funerals of the obese with signs saying, “God hates McNuggets” and “Sweet and Sour sauce is served in Hell.”…



One thought on “Homosexuals are losing us the war; Baptists are sodomizing free speech

  1. The question of whether or not its right to be able to protest a funeral is an important one. I think most people with any decency would decline the opportunity, and that’s what separates the Westboro congregation from decency.

    I agree with the courts decision to uphold their right to free speech regardless of how offensive it is, because I would hate to see a couple of bad apples open up the possibility for limiting our rights. Afterall, your blog subsists on its ability to be offensive, I’d hate to see that become illegal.

    I think as a nation we’re resilient enough to just let these bad apples do their misguided thing, and not let our anger and hurt hurt us even more by altering our constitution.

    I liked the spiderman quote in this situation, it was well used, good post dude.

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