or: The only thing we didn’t steal from Rome was…ummmmm, wait I’ll come up with something…

…You don’t think that the same fate the felled Rome can’t happen here? Well let’s take a trip in to the possibility machine. What would it take to break down Americans to roving bands of rebel forces and militia groups like something out of Mad Max? I think it wouldn’t take very much. Think about it…all it would take is three bad days…

Day one would be the worst, the stock market crash. I mean a full blown crash. The dollar is worth absolutely nothing. Every single person in America is officially without a dollar to their name. Because of this commerce shuts down at the news, and it travels pretty quick seeing as technology gets you prices right to your hand. It’s over, our nation has no capital, and seeing as we are already leveraged to the hip with every lender we had, we aren’t getting a nickel to tide us over and since the dollar is a simple act of faith without any gold backing it up, we’re done.

Of course this comes with massive amounts of looting in the night once everyone is home after getting laid off or not going to work the next day. Why go to work if the money you were to earn is worth two cents on the dollar? SO the looting and rioting breaks out in pockets through cities all over the country. LA, NY, Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, Seattle, Atlanta, and others break out in to chaos as people ransack every shop and market, every grocery store and car dealership. In just one day the poor to the upper class have taken it upon themselves to prepare for the worst.

On the dawn of day two the fires still roar, but the streets are practically empty in some places as others have fled the cities when the looting slowed before first light. The sunrise is obscured by tire fires and massive blazes that still burn from the night before. The firefighters and police are trying to control the violence and madness, but the entire city is alive with fear and rage…there was only one cop for every 145 people when there was peace; there are never enough cops for something no one planned for. With the violence not ending, the country grinding to a halt in commerce and work attendance, President Obama has ordered all public schools closed for the time being until his cabinet can come up with a plan and order can be restored…no one buys it…



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