Monotheism: Where we went wrong

(that oughta ruffle some feathers)

or: Peter laughs “Holy shit, you weren’t even close! C’mon in you moron, ha ha haaa! Hey, Paul, you hear what this guy thought was ‘the path?’ I know, right?”

Religion has stood the test of time as a basis for the foundation of lives, and to a greater extent the entirety of civilization, since the age of keeping history. For thousands of years man has used various religions as a guiding light to his reasoning behind almost every decision ever made. Religion started out polytheistic in most cultures. There was a hierarchy of gods that controlled different part of the world; held sway over everything from nature, weather, and even the malfeasance of man. Culture, both modern and historical, has had it’s deepest philosophical roots in the soil of religion. Empires has risen and fallen under the flag of one religion or another. Wars have begun and ended with the prostitution of one religious ideal or another. Hate has been bread and then euthanized under the word of one religious figurehead or another. Today we use religion as a weapon of fear and as a tool to further fallible causes man has in mind, but there is one idea that no religious leader or follower won’t ever entertain: they are all wrong…

…We mucked it all up with the terms of service to our God. Christians think it is stupid to pray five times to God…well Christians do pray fives times a day, they just don’t bow down to God to do it. Christianity is a religion of convenience. We can pick and choose what we want to observe, but Judaism and Islam are much more orthodox and rigid religions. They take great study, service, humility, and even strict dietary guidelines. Christians and even Catholics can’t hang with that kind of dedication. Christians are the laziest and most judgmental group with a sense of entitlement that rivals any other. Christians rule politics and social issues with the money and power they exert in Washington. Jews do as well, they both have lobbyist groups and causes they further, mostly limiting rights of some kind for groups they condescendingly disapprove of.

Jesus would flip his shit if he saw the state of affairs in religion today; so would Moses and Muhammed. They would look upon the spear heads of their respective groups and weep. Every single person would be scolded. Each philosopher would look upon the misguided masses politicizing and prostituting the name of the almighty and be shamed by it all. If Jesus ever returns, like truly returns as Christians believe he will, then the only people to escape unscathed will be the small children, because every single human being on this planet fucked up his message.

No one has got it right. There, I said it. Not one religion has got it right. Every single one thinks they have the golden ticket in to heaven, but there is no chance that they have it. As a basis for all the big three is the idea that God has a plan and we can never understand it…so what makes you think you picked the right team? How obtuse are you that you think you got it right and eeeeeeeveryone else is wrong. Odds are that every single religion in the world, if there is some kind of God, got the message wrong from beginning to end; like some Scantron test in high school you might have accidentally guessed a right answer or two, but there is no chance you’re passing a test you didn’t even have the right book for. You’re all screwed…

…We need to get away from getting wrapped up in how to serve and just realize that we probably aren’t doing it right. He doesn’t care HOW you do it, but only THAT you do it in your own way. I don’t think God cares what you call yourself, what religion you are, or what the hell you ever eat and when. He wants your love, we can all agree on that, and I don’t need a book or a leader or a billion fellow God-lovers to do that. I love God just fine on my own without stepping on anyone’s toes or trying to prove it by holding anyone down because of my own beliefs. I am no soldier of God, I am just a friend of His; He knows me, knows us all, and I don’t think He is knit picking our every day activities; He knows what’s in your heart. I don’t think God was so petty that he cleaved out only one path to Heaven; some sneaky riddle of the Sphinx we’ll need to unravel before Peter will open the pearly gates. He created us, and he knows that we are more complicated than that. I don’t think He is tricking us, or trying to trip us up by making us pick the door to heaven; there are no doors, only a few simple truths that we can decide on our own. As the Almighty I am betting He decided to not go with a stringent set of by-laws in Heaven, it doesn’t seem like that kind of place. They are not wrong, you most definitely are not right, and the sooner we realize God only wants our love, the sooner we will realize that He isn’t concerned about how He gets it.


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