DNAmocracy (excerpt)

or: Walk (the walk and talk the talk) like an Egyptian

…February 11 on Fox News George Birnbaum, former Chief of Staff for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, said, “We in this country are blessed with an innate, genetic subconscious that equates freedom and democracy…I’m not sure everyone in the world isready for democracy.” Well, well, well. The truth comes out. Now I get it. It’s not that we are a country that has developed tolerance and freedom through hard work, understanding, and a short history marked with mistakes like the acne scars of a teenager; it’s that we were just genetically better from the start. America isn’t just number one with a bullet, we’re number one with a “freedom gene.”

Birnbaum is not the only commentator to call in to question the Tunisian/Egyptian uprising; he’s just the one that pulled the Nazi-superior race card first. This just strikes me as ringing false, all these naysayers and closet racists. For decades America has always towed the line of trying to spread democracy through the world like Herpes at a co-ed kegger. We have always said we want to share our gift of representative, self-government with those that don’t have it. Our message eventually mutated in to an idea an attack on, or opposition to, liberty and freedom abroad is an attack on all freedom and liberty…now it seems that if we didn’t have a hand in engineering your rise against oppression than we call your stock and breeding in to question.

The organic, free-range egg is on our face in this instance, though. Some 30 years ago America was integral in placing Hosni Mubarak in to power; he was our guy. SO you can see why the government was hesitant to support a regime change in the region. We had to see how the cards fell; we couldn’t support the people if they failed and lose an ally, and we couldn’t support an America-sponsored regime and look like we hate other people having democracy. Is it any wonder the President did not come out clearly for either side? Why Hillary Clinton changed her tune in some four days from support for the Mubarak rule to one of wishy washy “wait and see” tactics. Mubarak was our ace in the hole in the region. His continual subservience to our empire was not unlike a Gangster blackmailing a snitch inside the department, “we made you, you owe us.”

As the grip of Mubarak began to slip, so did our support and even our willingness to comment on the subject. Once he was officially dethrone, so to speak, our TV and news personalities began shooting hole in the S.S. Democracy that set sail in the Middle East. All of a sudden we were stunned when we lost another guy we put in power; first to fall was Saddam Hussein oddly enough, and we saw how that turned out. A revolution we had not masterminded had occurred right before our eyes and we have no stake in the outcome. We had no favors to hold over those involved in the change; it is a revolution we cannot use for political gain and cannot hang our hats on in the face of the international community. We could not bully our way in to getting our hands in the Egyptian pie; we didn’t have a puppet all made up for the minstrel show. This was not our revolution for the Egyptians, and we don’t like the view from the outside looking in…

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