The Donkey Will Chew Off its Own Leg to Survive

or: Nancy Pelosi would not come back for you during the zombie apocalypse

I’m sure like me after a few beers with some friends you have entertained the idea of what your plan of action would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I know there have been many films and even an extensive library of books on the subject; George Romero has a hard-on for the subject. Thanks to the insight of a friend I know that after securing ammunition and armament I would make for my local CostCo. Large building with massive amounts of food, provisions, and minimal entrances, that could keep a small group safe and well fed for possibly years. But on the way to the facility, under close pursuit, if a group of people fell behind or even a cliche scenario of the twisted ankle, would you go back for them? Would the majority of you risk your own lives to save the few that are seemingly lost to the blood thirsty horde? Could you leave the safety of a fortified position to help your comrades on the slim chance they could survive unscathed?

Well if you are the Democratic Party the answer is a resounding “no.” If the recent actions of the party leadership is any indicator then they would stand idly by protecting their beloved CostCo of a house majority leaving nothing to chance in losing the position they have for the few lives that are too far gone to help. September 4th brought a story about the Democrats deciding to cut off support for those seats that seem too far out of reach for the party to continue the campaign fight. The party has seen the Zombie horde that is the Republican party in this scenario setting itself upon many races with a vigor and outpouring of public support that indicates that the battle is lost this late in the game; the Democrats are now turning their focus to those races that are near assured and those where they feel they can gain enough ground with appropriate funding to keep a slim hold on the house majority they have held through the last two elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a letter to the party members to redirect funding and support for those candidates who need and deserve the help, also urging party members behind on their dues to pay up. She asked everyone to reach in their campaign coffers and support the candidates that have the best shot to win. This basically says to those in trouble and behind in the polls this late in the game, that they need to pull up stakes and help the party majority before they help themselves; throw yourself on the grenade in the foxhole to save the squad, your own safety be damned.

Obama is seconding this motion adding extensive rallies and fundraisers to his schedule in the coming months to throw his weight behind the candidates within striking distance of opponents in key races while trying to pad the funding so that the candidates can take to the airwaves and oust their republican opposition. Right now there are some four dozen candidates running TV adds as of Labor Day, more than ever before at this time, and they are not only on the air but are leaning to the negative spectrum using words like “liar” and painting their opponents as poor choices instead of highlighting their own qualifications.

Some of the gangrenous Democratic candidates that have been amputated from the body politic are Betsy Markey of Colorado (an 11 point dog), Tom Perriello (a whopping 26 point dog in Virginia), and even Earl Pomeroy who is seeking his tenth term but finds himself at a 9 point disadvantage in North Dakota. These candidates have basically been abandoned by the party support they desperately need because to the Democratic leaders it looks like they are already too far gone to be saved. The party feels it would be doing itself a disservice to fight these Waterloos and in the process lose other winnable races, and possibly the majority as a result, by spreading the $218 million budget too thin.

Is this my party? How embarrassed I feel to be painted in a corner with these people who are cannibalizing their own party to survive while the Republicans have only become more galvanized over the years. This is so indicative of the two parties and the solidarity therein. Liberals have always been a scatter-shot kind of group with wide ranging ideals and beliefs as well as a complete lack of focus as a group. Liberals are islands unto themselves with their outlook on the evils of how things are done, rights, morals, finance, international policy, etc. Democrats seem to be good at doing and saying nothing while Conservatives seem to be a sniper rifle of a group, now more than ever. Conservatives are on the same page with gun control, financial issues, social issues, etc. Just as the Democrats are sawing off limbs like a scene out of SAW, the Republican party is tighter and more united than ever; hell, they put out a purity test to prove you were with them, like Reagan would have wanted.

This is clearly a Kafkaesque sign as to the issues that are facing the Democratic party if they want to continue to hold any kind of power, even if they don’t intend to use it for anything. As inaction is our action of choice, the Republicans are prepared to scale the walls of our ivory tower and take our women and rations. The Democratic party is going on the defensive, a role well rehearsed to this point, trying to protect their fleeting hold on the government by running campaigns and toting their strides in healthcare, education, and regulation of Wall Street. I am no Frank Mankiewicz, but I think you might want to avoid the hot button issue of health care which divided this country to the point that the TEA Party was formed and people reverted to primitive, ape-like creatures calling out “death panels” and “killing your grandma” as slogans of opposition.

The Democratic party is clearly aware of the situation they find themselves in. They are well-versed in the details of the national climate and the taste the party in power has left in the mouths of those that swallowed “change” and “hope” like a Kool-Aid that goes best with NIKE sneakers and bunk beds. We are still deep in a recession, mired in healthcare malarkey, unemployment has not improved, cities and states are bankrupt, and the wars…well they are still going on despite Obama calling an end to active combat on one front. I hate to say it, but though he might be miles more eloquent in his speech, the man is one ranch and a bomber jacket away from “W” in the eyes of many Americans. I know I feel a great sadness from the debt of “change” I am owed.

I have said this before but I just feel like politicians are more concerned with their next campaign than they are for the constituency they represent. No one would ever say it, but I am betting in dark, smoke-filled rooms over fine Scotches even the best Democrat could admit that many of their candidates out there are outclassed and it is a matter of tricking the people in to not seeing it. It is going to take wizardry and slight of hand to win a few of these races, and that is exactly what a redirection of funds is going to allow. Sure, the race in Ohio is a toss-up between (D) Mary Jo Kilroy and (R) Steve Stivers, but with the right funding it might not be, if David Blain moonlights as a campaign manager; but the Democrats aren’t willing to take that chance at this juncture.

The race for Governorship is not really part of this debate, but you see the same thing happening here in California. A well qualified Democrat, Jerry Brown, with decades of experience at all levels of leadership in politics is simply being outspent and outclassed by the (R) Meg Whitman machine. She had poured more than $50 million of her own fortune in to buying the most air, radio, and billboard time she can manage. The woman is all over the state grabbing up endorsements while she and (D) Jerry Brown trade poll leads month to month coming down to the wire that is November. This is the eighth largest economy in the world, California, and yet the best candidate may not win. Or maybe the best candidate will, if the “best candidate” is not synonymous with the “right candidate.” At this point in my life I now see that the best candidate is the one that runs the best campaign, not the one who is right for the job. Politics is a game of getting in to office no matter the cost or lack of qualifications a candidate may possess; then once you are there it is a matter of making the right choices and voting along party lines so that you can convince the people to keep you there the next time around.

The Democrats are in the latter portion of the “keeping it” stages of the races. To save the ship they are keying the airlock to engineering and letting good men and women drown in order to save the ship and the rest of the crew. The party is in crisis mode redirecting all power they still wield to point at their “accomplishments” and to misdirect the voter with negative ad campaigns of opposition while skirting the subjects that simultaneously effect and outrage the proletariate. Thomas Jefferson said that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The Democratic party is taking this to heart as they are feeding the tree they are tending with the blood of their own kind. I don’t know if that is a patriotic act or one of a tyrant, sacrificing your own for the good of the body politic and perpetuating the cycle of political impotence and ineptitude, but I would think that great men and women know when they are doing the people an injustice and know full well that it may be better for another to lead for the sake of the greater good.

I am a proud liberal in the most degrading and inflammatory sense of the word. When a Republican uses the term as a slur, they are painting you with the same brush they reserve for me. I am a far left, wild-eyed critic of the world and America as she grows and labors under her own weight. The party I am begrudgingly linked to is showing its true colors now by not creating at least a cloakatively united front. They know that the party’s power gambit is in jeopardy, and instead of asking why or making an effort to change their course, they are simply shoring the levees on good races and leaving the stragglers to be torn apart without even a somber word to their bravery and self sacrifice. The Democrats have tipped their hand; they are willing to leave those most likely lost to their own fate while protecting the greater good of the party. I wonder how Jefferson would interpret this kind of human sacrifice for the good of the machine, but I know that it is not made for the good of the people. The races deemed lost are not those be run by bad people, leaders, or politicians; it is the abandoning of losing races. It is clear that “my” party is not holding in mind who is best to represent me, but who is most likely to win, and if not tyrannical, this is at least contrary to the true idea of representative politics.


2 thoughts on “The Donkey Will Chew Off its Own Leg to Survive

  1. “This is clearly a Kafkaesque sign as to the issues that are facing the Democratic party if they want to continue to hold any kind of power, even if they don’t intend to use it for anything. ”

    Of course, Democrats campaign for power and get things passed like healthcare and the stimulus, and then come to find out, its all about power that they have no clue what to do with after they get it. That is a major issue with the democratic party and liberals. You want all this power, then when you get it you don’t know what to do with it. That my friend is one big reason why the democrats are shaking in their boots. Republicans see through the straw man charade.

    Then with Jeery Brown. I love how you bend over for him as if he is the absolute best man for the job. How you over look his stint in government as if its all peachy. The guy will be a financial disaster. The same policies that got us in this mess he supports and will continue. This state is in the tubes and it is going to take someone who knows business, not politics to get us out of this mess.

    Yes, Meg has spent ~50 million of her own money, and you know what is the best thing about that, she owes NO ONE favors. Unlike Jerry Brown, who is in bed with public unions and government workers whom he owes favors to. Jerry Brown can not get effective change to happen when he is in bed with special interest groups, unions and government employees. I honestly think he has no chance of winning, even with all the mud slinging that is bound to happen here in the coming weeks and debates.

    “I hate to say it, but though he might be miles more eloquent in his speech, the man is one ranch and a bomber jacket away from “W” in the eyes of many Americans. I know I feel a great sadness from the debt of “change” I am owed.” I completely agree and many of your comrades feel the same. I hope he is learning very quickly that his arrogance and narcissism is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

    The president, without fail, has been a divider since he came to office. Every speech or PR stint come with a mouth full of hate towards anyone who disagrees with him. Be it rich people, insurance compaines, banks, wall street, CEO’s, Executives, big oil, big energy whatever he can find to drag down. He is the ultimate polarizer. Your right, so much for hope and change. Many of your fellow democrats and liberals feel the same way, burned.

    Obama is going to learn quickly in November. We are going to see a different president when one of the two houses changes hands. Just like Clinton had to learn how to work with a republican house after he took office. He is going to have to make a drastic change if he is going to have any chance of moving forward on anything, he is going to have to reach out to republicans, not chastize them and divide everything on party lines like he is so good at doing. So much for the unity BS. His lies and bullshit are really starting to shine through, and the republicans are telling you “we told ya so”.

    I actually think our congress will be more effective and change will happen that will be more inline with both sides and not just whatever the Democrats decide is best for you and me.

    We need effective reform of regulations and removal of red tape that is hindering business from moving forward.

    Fantastic article showing this destruction of prosperity and economic liberty by the liberals and democrats:

    Hope you read the above… let me know what you think. I love debating with liberals. Its quite entertaining.

  2. I appreciate the fact that you kept your name calling to a minimum like I try to. Thank you for a fairly thoughtful and well written piece.
    I have to say I think this country as learned it’s lesson on a lack of experience in politics and the problems it can lead to, so I think Jerry is a better man for Governor than Meg, but not the best man for the job; business is cutthroat and inhuman, running a state is all about humans so I think the skill sets are a bit different.
    Next I don’t want you to think that Democrats got us here to this point. I will concede that Democrats have done nothing to pull us out of this tailspin, but the national debt, wars, social issues, etc. were perpetuated or started by republicans as much a democrats.
    As a political party I have little issue with Republicans overall, but it is social issues and equality and open mindedness where I have an issue with Conservatives. As much as Republicans really don’t listen, Democrats I think listen so much and step so lightly to not offend, they end up mired in too many opinions and get stuck doing little to nothing revolutionary.
    Though you and I probably disagree on a lot of points, and I hate hearing a conservative agreeing with me, sadly I am a donkey technically, and though it is my party, at least I am willing to name our shortcomings and look honestly in the mirror, can you do the same for the Republican party. If you can do a piece like this for your party I would love to read it. Thank you for reading.

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