That James Cameron is a Sneaky Son of a Bitch

I have heard a lot of talk of this film Avatar for a long time. Seems that it will usher in a new way of filmmaking. I have heard it is one of the greatest films of all time and that it will be the biggest blockbuster ever. There has been talk that James Cameron is a genius and has topped even himself and the likes of George Lucas in the realm of sci-fi films. I have also heard that with the making of this film, he is pushing a political statement of environmental conservation and is championing a liberal agenda that hopes to topple the establishment and give Al Gore a hard-on.

Really? You think James Cameron spent more than $300 million dollars just to make a statement about military force in regards to precious natural resources? Yes, I know that Cameron went to all this trouble just so he could stick it to the oil drillers and strip mining companies of the world; a simple press release was just not going to cut it.

Of course the world of Pandora and the making of this movie were just created so he could push his Gaia-loving agenda on to the movie going public. There is no possible way that he might have created this film to simply entertain an audience and make boat loads of money while making a movie he has been kicking around for decades in his head.

This new firestorm of controversy in gleaming some political subtext from his most recent science fiction film makes me wonder what else Cameron has been telling us in his past projects. Now that I think about it, I am sure the film Aliens was a movie made simply to bring to light the plight of union worker in this country. The aliens in the film represented illegal aliens coming in and eliminating jobs for hard working Americans when they killed and cocooned the men, women, and children at the Weyland-Yutani terra forming plant on LV-426 (the aliens, not the Mexicans).

It is so clear to me now the the film Terminator was a two-fold criticism of unsafe sex and violence against women. Sarah Conner did not insist on protection which led to the conception of what turned out to be a bastard child if you really think about it, outside of wedlock having promiscuous sex with a man without a job or any stability in his life. She then had to get herself away from a violent relationship with a terminator machine from the future which of course is all about abusive relationships and dealing with her own issues with her father as a result.

I could keep going, but I think you get my point. When did this country become so politicized that we turn a suspecting eye on blue people as trying to shove environmentalism down our throats? I mean for Christ’s sake, we are furthering political agendas based on three-dimensional alien villagers! I am sorry, but if you feel threatened by the political implications of native american-like fictional characters in a PG-13 film, you need to reexamine your outlook on life.

It seems the conservatives and those without a driving passion for the environment are somehow threatened by a film populated by blue people and Sigourney Weaver. Also they have criticized the film because her character smokes, as if it some add for Marlboro. Hell, back in the day everyone smoked; James Dean, Clint Eastwood, the Rat Pack, they were all the coolest SOB’s around and they smoked. But I guess that since this country has relegated smokers to basically lighting up in a wheat field in rural Nebraska under a blanket, then we can’t even think that it should ever be shown in a film again; just ignore it and it will go away, like that rash you’ve got. Smoking characters in films should now require an NC-17 rating so as to keep young people from ever seeing another cigarette again. Yes, this seems oh so reasonable.

I am just blown away that we, as a country, cannot just enjoy anything anymore. Here we are with a 90% animated, sci-fi film, and we find ourselves trying to deconstruct the political agenda between the lines. Are we going to start looking for hidden messages in Anime next? I know that Pikachu bastard has some socialist manifesto it’s trying to brainwash my children with.

Whatever the case, we need to take a step back and take three deep breaths. This is ludicrous to be looking for the meaning behind the film as anything but playful and mesmerizing in it’s beauty and creativity. Not every one has an hidden agenda folks, especially make-believe blue people.


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